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I’m sure this like everything in life is a phase, but it’s a tough part of losing someone you love, losing your future, that I think I just have to work through before I start to feel better.

In the meantime, any practical or constructive advice you may have on this subject, please do let me hear it.

Advice that I’ve already had is the obvious stuff like go online, start a new hobby or join some sort of sports club, all the cringe stuff that you wouldn’t really want to have to do if you were single.

I’ve been online and I can tell you, there is a whole other blog post about the soul destroying nature of that!

And anyway, all this stuff about being judged, do I really care?

When you’ve lost someone so close to you the absolute worst has happened. When you’ve already lost big in life, you suddenly have a lot less to lose.

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So left on my own, a single parent whose life was recently compared by my friend Paul to having the logistical problems of a major supermarket, I’ve realised I want more. Dating when you’re younger and child-free seems a breeze compared to this military operation needed to actually get out there.

I miss being part of a couple, I love male company and feeling like I’m attractive, wanted and loved. Add to that the fact that as a blogger I’m online a lot, my life is anything but private and although of course I don’t share everything I’m very easy to google, face-stalk or research by anyone thinking of going out with me.

What do you need to do in creating a healthy relationship? If you really mean it, you can avoid adultery, it is in your power to do this.

You may have guessed (well it’s pretty obvious as I write about being widowed) but I’m single.

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