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Adult video kinect chat

If you play Xbox Fitness on Xbox One, Xbox can use the Kinect sensor to estimate your exercise info, including estimates such as your heart rate during an activity or how many calories were burned in a workout.

To improve the accuracy of your exercise info, you can enter attributes such as your height, weight, age and gender.

You can also unplug your Kinect and your Xbox One will still function.

By recognizing you, Xbox One can tailor personal experiences and customize content just for you.

Some game titles may take advantage of a new Xbox capability that allows you to use your facial expressions to control or influence a game.

This data does not identify you, stays on the console and is destroyed once your session ends.

The Kinect sensor can take photos or videos of you when you are playing games and, in some cases, make those photographs and videos available for you to download, copy or share.

You can control who can see these on Xbox Live using the privacy settings.

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On Xbox One, your exercise info is stored online and privately by default.

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