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If you have your own rule for yourself, that's fine, but a) I think you should consider breaking it every once in a while and b) even if you don't, don't assume your rule is right for anyone else.Just like any other thing in life—from waking up in the morning to buying a house to having kids—we don't all have to do it at the same time. Just kidding, it's never the end of discussion!Shaun is an international trainer, professional dating coach, and social arts expert who has trained and worked with leading pickup and social artists, and seduction specialists in the industry.His client portfolio includes people from a professional / executive background seeking PUA and Social skill set training.

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Full Definition: The 3 Second Rule is guideline that many PUAs follow to overcome approach anxiety.

Hesitating too much before an approach can lead to overthinking and nervousness.

Be a Trend Setter rather than a ‘Fashion Follower’. #repost @thedressedchest ・・・ You know what this outfit could… ♐️LEADING & DOMINANCE♋️ “as much as women want a man to chase them, they also want the man to step up and lead them.” 💋Discovery (Shaun Michael @Discovery3SR ) . #Get Real Game pic.twitter.com/52LW56MJGr 📹 6 Mistakes You Should NOT Make When You Are In The Middle Of A Break-Up! Like talking to girls, for most, a scary experience, but the quality you need is courage, and not the absence of fear. Always an honour witnessing former students becoming 3SR Pro Coaches. 🎥 youtu.be/64Mq-LCW_TY TICKETS: 🚹 3srindenmark.uk #getrealgame #pickupartist #thegame #mysterymethod #pua pic.twitter.com/c YQw Tc AHvb Not 2, Not 3 days - but a *5️⃣ DAY* #Day Game & #Night Game, Scandinavia’s Largest Festival with 300,000 🚺Women!!! Great New Chat/Support Group: By Rick Dutch3SR facebook.com/groups/Relatio…

“When she can feel safe, knows you are a protector… “A woman will shun a Man, who they see easily dominated by other Men” - David Buss, Evolutionary Psychologist. This is why ‘Holding Court’, being Sociable and demonstrating being a Leader of Men is so so Important. Makings These Mistakes Will Only Hurt Your Chances Of Saving It! super excited to announce the next 6-month calendar. - Leo3sr ♌️ Always an honour witnessing former students becoming 3SR Pro Coaches. 🙏🏼💎⭐️ Fun on this 5 day Soevisl Event & Coach ‘Accelerator’ Camp to take time out and have fun as men BEYOND Pickup. WATCH IT NOW 🎥 youtu.be/64Mq-LCW_TY GET INFO & TICKETS: 🚹 3srindenmark.uk #getrealgame #pua pic.twitter.com/Sx Tr Nr DHgd A 5 day - Starting Wed or 3 Day on Friday. #pua #bootcamp #3SR #getrealgame pic.twitter.com/C6Ak Aa16wm ⚜️A brand 🆕 #Day Game Specific Chat/Discussion/Support Group. #pua #pickupartist #getrealgame #3secondrule #3srcoaching #attractionacademy #attractanywoman pic.twitter.com/g1Hj1MRi QK Breakup?

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