25 acp colt dating number pistol serial

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25 acp colt dating number pistol serial

As he approached a state of civilization, a happy condition he has yet to fully achieve, man became a gregarious creature.But the welcomed proximity of his fellow non-enemies has not completely obviated man’s need for a personal, self defense weapon.A representative of Fabrique Nationale (FN), Hart O.

Relations between Borchardt and the Loewe firm deteriorated to the point that Borchardt finally offered his massive toggle-action pistol to Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre of Belgium, where it was rejected.

From the flint blade, dagger and sheath knife to the pepperbox, derringer and revolver, small concealable but deadly survival weapons have always been and will remain in demand.

The superior reliability, effectiveness and capacity for rapid multiple discharge of a self-loading handgun was recognized long before the first “automatic” pistols were perfected in Europe in the 1880-1890 period.

Hiram Maxim found a market for his machine gun in England, where he also developed an automatic pistol intended for use with the now obsolescent British .455 rimmed cartridge, as well as the 7.65 mm Borchardt and the 8mm Schonberger rounds. In just two years, from 1894 to 1896, Browning created and patented five different large automatic pistols in .38 caliber and one in the new .32 caliber.

Maxim’s pistol was one of the simplest ever invented, but it had a tendency to spray hot gases on the shooter’s hand and was never produced commercially. Browning (whose name customarily includes the middle initial “M” to distinguish the inventor from his eldest son, John Browning), the most innovative and prolific inventor the world has ever known, was approached by Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co., which had purchased his Model 1895 machine gun, with a request to design a military semi-automatic pistol for submission to the U. Colt bought all of the .38’s but no the .32, believing, rightly, that the Army would not consider such small caliber weapon.

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This is a necessarily brief history of John Moses Browning’s earliest pocket pistols.