16 year old dating 19 year old Free sexchat box without registration

Posted by / 26-Jan-2020 01:07

He turned 20 shortly after we started seeing eachother.

We have done nothing that could be considered even remotely sexual, and don't plan to unless we're married.

Sometimes, though, the younger one is, frankly, unable to see if they're being exploited.

Like, what would any decent 19-year old have in common with a high schooler, even?

I wouldn’t be that happy if my 19 year old child went out with a 30 year old though if I am completely honest.

I would rather they were having fun and not in a serious relationship until they were older.

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I would totally have been open to revisiting the potential relationship a couple of years later though. My only question would be, to the 19-year-old: why?