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It's shot out from between my fingers numerous times, usually landing on my purse, a table or my lap.It also slid off my nightstand, a couch, a chair, but has emerged unscathed so far.My review unit is the 128GB version in Prism White, and it definitely reflects iridescent shades of pale blue, mint and pink in the light. Flamingo Pink, Canary Yellow, Prism Green and Prism Blue are bolder -- there's Prism Black as well.

I used my right thumb twice, my left thumb once and my right index finger.

Soon, the S10 Plus' best virtues -- its sharp screen, three top-notch cameras and all-day battery life -- will face another challenge from within Samsung's ranks, the , which is all but confirmed to launch Aug. Everything that's great about the Galaxy S10 Plus is set to get even better in the Note 10, even if you're not drawn to the Note's S Pen stylus, the digital pen that's the Galaxy Note's signature feature, from the S10 Plus' battery life and camera prowess, to the likelihood that the Note 10 will be compatible with 5G data networks.

For example, the Note 10's rumored 4,300m Ah battery could dominate the S10 Plus' already impressive 4,100m Ah juice box.

Your Phone -All Users | Remove-Appx Package 4) Hit enter This is as close to i Message as one can possibly get.

Works across the net now, on both my desktop and Surface laptop, no issues lately.

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This app has come a long way and it keeps me using my Android phone and not considering an Apple product.

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