10 commandments of dating student edition

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10 commandments of dating student edition

We take stealing very seriously, whether it involves damage to physical property (either stealing or vandalism, or even negligent carelessness) or damage to intellectual integrity (cheating or stealing answers from any person, on any assignment whether or not it is attached to a grade).

We consider academic dishonesty as grounds for immediate expulsion without refund.

They made time for you.[You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain]4.

It is called being an adult*[Honor your father and your mother]6. You shall not pretend you are interested when you are not.

Single Christians will learn what approaches to avoid in mate selection, recognize the myths about finding true love, and learn practical strategies for finding the right person to marry.

Read more Today, there is a great deal of emphasis on the mystical and intangible nature of relationships but very little emphasis on the real, practical steps involved in building an enduring love.

There are many beautiful things to be done in this world, and they will be done best by those who have a vision and a dream.We use this theoretical structure to understand the problems they face.We ask that students respect this traditional understanding of God and people while they are on campus.This principle means that we should not lie about anything, even something trivial. We encourage parents to stay in touch with what students are thinking and feeling about people at school.It is our hope to provide formal training to every NEXT Education family about how to lovingly observe people and allow them to be different from you. We ask that students respect each other’s property and avoid bragging or stirring up desire for things while they are on campus.

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The staff of NEXT Education has an ombudsman to help with understanding of this policy. At NEXT Education, we encourage students to wait until they are done with high school before dating.

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